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Solomon Braslavsky score collection, 1887-1975

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Solomon Gregory Braslavsky (born Kaligorka, Ukraine (then Russia), April 24, 1887; died March 1975) was Jewish cantor, composer, and conductor. In his early years he was trained in his father's synagogue choir, which he later conducted. Following his military service, where he conducted various military bands, he moved to Vienna in 1908 to study at the Royal Imperial Academy of Music where he focused on composition, harmony, and conducting. Upon graduation he bacame the conductor of Vienna's Jewish Hakoah Orchestra, organize the city's Jewish choral society, and was appointed professor of music at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Vienna. In 1927 Braslavsky emigrated to the United States and in 1928 was hired by Temple Mishkan Tefila (then located in Roxbury, Massachusetts) to serve as its musical director. In that capacity, Braslavsky introduced into worship many European Jewish pieces for cantor and organ, wrote and performed several of his own compositions, served as organist and conducted the choir. Braslavsky was musical director when Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) attended services as a boy and in several letters credited Braslavsky as an influence on his musical development.
Solomon G. Braslavsky (1887 - 1975) - Author
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