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Collegium Terpsichore programs

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Collegium Terpsichore programs
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This file contains scans/photographs of all of the programs presented by the Collegium Terpsichore at New England Conservatory. The programs span the years from 1969-1987 and were directed by Julia Sutton. Most of the Collegium Terpsichore performances took place with the accompaniment of the Collegium Musicum ensemble, directed by Daniel Pinkham, Kenneth Roth and later Margaret Pash. Other ensembles that appeared in one or more of these performances are: The Elizabethan Dance Ensemble, The New England Viol Concert, The Elizabethan Dancers, The Black Jokers Morris Men, The New York Baroque Dance Company, The Court Dance Company of New York, Collegium Renaissance Band (John Tyson, director), The Baroque Dance Theatre of Boston, The Baroque Dance Academy, Collegium Vocal Ensemble (Richard Conrad, director), dance students of Boston Conservatory, and the Cambridge Mummers. Individuals who appeared as guest artists or assisted in one or more performances include: Ann Jacoby, Catherine Turocy, Margaret Daniels, Bruce Roberts, Carol Pharo, and Ingrid Brainard.
Julia Sutton (1928 - 2012) - Director
Daniel Rogers Pinkham (1923 - 2006) - Director
Margaret Pash - Director
Kenneth Roth - Director
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