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Festival Jubilate / Mrs. H. H. A. Beach

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Beach - Festival Jubilate
Festival Jubilate
1 ms. score (63 p.) ; 35 cm. For chorus (SSAATTB) and orchestra. Copyist's ms. in black and blue ink. Commissioned for the dedication (1 May 1893) of the Women's Building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Vocal score published: Boston: A. P. Schmidt, c1892. At end: copied E. Ruppel. Boston, Mass. June 1892. Instrumental parts in the orchestra library.
Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (1867 - 1944) - Composer
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Musical Score
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Microfilm No. 96, Item 2
LC Call No. ML96.B38 op.17, Z9
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Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestra -- Scores; Psalms (Music) -- 100th Psalm
Dimensions - 35 cm.
Number of Pages - 63
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