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Voice of Firestone Collection Indexes

Voiceoffirestonephotographs.pdf   83.32 KB (No. of downloads : 301)
Voice of Firestone collection, Series 3: Photographs
Voiceoffirestone1935scrapbook.pdf   56.16 KB (No. of downloads : 133)
Voice of Firestone collection: Series 7: Scrapbooks - 1935 Scrapbook
VoiceofFirestonetransers -- IR version.pdf   458.26 KB (No. of downloads : 251)
This file contains information regarding the Voice of Firestone television program. Information includes broadcast dates and the performers featured on each episode
This publication contains files that index all of the photographs, the contents of the 1935 scrapbook, and the videorecordings of the Voice of Firestone Collection.
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Voice of Firestone; Voice of Firestone - Photographs; Voice of Firestone - Scrapbooks; Voice of Firestone - Videorecordings
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