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Gertude Norman-Van Dresser Room Correspondence Inventory

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This file is an itemized list of the contents of the correspondence found in the Gertude Norman - Marcia Van Dresser Room collection.
This collection consists of correspondence to/from Gertrude Norman primarily relating to her donation of photographs and furniture to create a Marcia Van Dresser Memorial Room at NEC. The correspondence spans the years 1938-1951, and much of it is to/from NEC’s Director (later Emeritus) at the time, Wallace Goodrich and his wife Madeleine. Other correspondence includes letters from Norman to Geraldine Farrar and letters to Norman from Phillip Allen (NEC Trustee), Harrison Keller (NEC Director after Goodrich), Joseph P. Kennedy(regarding customs issues in the donation of the items for the Van Dresser Room, the Harvard Theatre Collection and the Museum of the City of New York.
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Gertrude Norman -- Correspondence; Van Dresser, Marcia; Goodrich, Wallace, 1871-1952-- Correspondence
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